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About In3 Group -- an idea that has spread to benefit allIn3 Group is a capital investment, market intelligence and business development firm specializing in clean energy, biorenewables (using agricultural crops and biomass "waste" for industry, energy, or health) and other diverse industries that deliver social and/or environmental benefits.

We help companies transition away from the legacy economy of waste, toxins, and pollution, now shifting rapidly toward sustainable business models in which all byproducts become co-products – where waste is repurposed as valuable inputs to saleable products or services, or as products in their own right, delivering increased efficiency and improved margins along with corporate environmental, governance and social responsibility.

We work primarily with experienced management teams in early stage "Future 500" ventures commercializing these renewable technologies, but also with established companies in diverse industries making a sincere effort toward integrating sustainability best practices, developing innovative "line extension" products or services, launching or relaunching campaigns, or investing in new systems, skills training or culture-change initiatives.
But sustainability isn't all just about doing; it's also about being aligned, authentic, transparent and alive – part of being on the planet with all its other inhabitants. In that sense, sustainability is more a personal odyssey and opportunity for quality of life than it is yet another set of "things to do." 

Sustainability is not a checklist of items – adding "environment" to the business plan.  Check.  Measure carbon and offset with credits.  Check.  Initiatives are most successful when framed as a way of being consistent with vision and values.  We can help with that, too.

Patient Capital Pays Dividends

Impact investing (see In3 Finance article), a relatively young industry that growing rapidly in both size and sophistication, considers more than just "single bottom line" economic value, as do a growing number of institutional investors, large and small, business service providers, and corporations. A 2013 survey revealed that 96% of impact investment funds greater than $10 million measure their social and environmental impacts using established or customized metrics and rating systems (see article).

Corresponding legal structures have been showing up in the US and elsewhere to enable companies to pursue sustainability's triple bottom lines -- people, planet and profit -- such as the Benefit Corporation or California's Flexible Purpose Corporation (more). Now, for-profit ventures can operationalize sustainability without being challenged by shareholders because management wasn't squeezing every last near-term dollar out of operations. Longer-term planning can embrace the fact that some initiatives, products, or customer adoption cycles don't happen to fit neatly into quarterly earnings reports. Still, not everything that's valuable gets valued.

What we can do to help

If you already have a business plan, we can help with investment strategy, deal structure, and presentation fine-tuning to achieve your capital formation goals. If you only have a summary plan, no problem; that's probably the ideal state for ensuring "lean startup" success, an approach we have taught since 2006.

Beyond sustainable business planning and "venture catalyst" services, In3 also delivers facilitation and training programs (seminars/webinars, workshops, or retreats with intact teams) as well as individual coaching services. We have deep experience with the social side of sustainability -- what it takes to develop talent, lead change, get along, etc. (see ABetterWorkplace / Daniel Robin & Assoc.) -- as well as financial and technical core competencies to deliver development projects on time and within budget.

For example, Daniel Robin, In3 senior partner, has taught at a top-ranked International MBA School in California (Monterey Institute of International Studies, and Graduate School of International Policy & Management), and worked with dozens of startups as well as conducted public program in lean and agile development for startups and established ventures. More on these programs.

"Investment provides the bridge between an unsustainable present and sustainable future."
Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long-Term Performance (Krosinsky & Robins, 2008)

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to inspire teams, faciliate innovative and advantageous solutions to pressing environmental and social problems and bring together qualified ventures and investors to commercialize Clean, Renewable or Sustainable Rechnologies. Our work helps companies take advantage of disruptive innovations in the burgeoning "green" and sustainable business marketplace.

What We Are Not

In3 Group is not a fund and does not typically play a lead investment role in any transactions. We are also not independently-registered securities broker/dealers (though we have access to advisors and placement agents in this regard). Investors and advisors collaborate on due diligence, but make individual investment decisions. Because In3 affiliates are typically sophisticated and accredited investors, they understand the complexity and risk/reward dynamics of early stage investing.

Who Is In3 Group?

The In3 team includes business, financial and technical professionals with deep experience in the complex task of commercializing (planning, documenting, validating, presenting, funding/investing and operating) sustainable technology ventures in the represented industries. See management, staff, and team bios

In3 advisors include CEOs, CTOs, angel and institutional investors, investment broker/dealers, specialized attorneys and other professionals, and of course serial entrepreneurs. We enjoy close relationships with local (Northern California), national and international colleagues in investment banks, brokerage houses, consulting and accounting firms and industry analysts. These relationships facilitate access to talent, vital services, and resources (capital) — all essential to the challenging prospect of building successful, sustainable biorenewables ventures.

For finance, we are designated consultants and loan originators for several development finance institutions (World Bank Group, InterAmerican Development Bank, US Overseas Private Investment Corp.) and work with a network of business angels, impact and venture capital firms, strategic corporate and institutional investors for early stage financing, venture or project, equity or debt (or convertible instruments), second-stage / expansion capital, bridge loans and gap financing. Our speciality has become using innovative structures and strategies to balance risk and maximize returns.

Getting Started

If you are entrepreneur with a business project or proposal, follow the instructions carefully using our Intake form. Do NOT include confidential information during this initial application as we will not sign an NDA for initial proposals.

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