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In3 Group has directly invested in portfolio companies, helped craft winning investment proposals, facilitated development projects, brought in key management and joint venture partners, served on various Boards of Directors, recruited Board members, completed strategic, business and project plans, organized and led successful change initiatives and various types of high-stakes interventions. See below for examples of specific client work. References available upon request.



Value Delivered

Gotthard Cool

2015- present

Consulting, business development and finance for drinkable water project (Kenya)

JAT Industries

2014- present

Capital formation consulting for Jatropha / biofuels and biomass conversion project in Latin America

Teal, Inc.


Finance consulting for food service packaging project (styrofoam replacement) using renewable agricultural residue

NEIN Agriculture Corp

2014- present

Project finance: Organic poultry eggs (high omega-3 and nutraceutical/functional food in the feed) in South Korea

Encore, Inc


Feasibility study and finance: Agriculture value-chain project improving post-harvest processing for staple food crops in Senegal

AgriSmart, Inc.

2014- present

Agroforestry business planning, presentation, strategic advice in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa, via a public-private partnership with the Ivorian Government (more)

Gama / Al Mashal Joint Venture


Project finance: consulting and expansion funding for world's largest manufacturer of regenerated yarn (from PET plastic bottles and cotton). Gaziantep, Turkey (more)

iFund 2014 Coaching principals: iFund Eco-Village Estate & Hospitality, South Africa (more)

Carbon Drawdown Solutions & BioBamboo

2013- present

Venture development, planning, management consulting and finance; In3 managing partner Daniel Robin also serves as CDS Chief Business Development Officer (more)



Consulting/coaching for polymer "backsheet" product used in the solar industry

Nuubia Chocolat


Venture finance, deal polishing and presentation consulting, development project finance, and program development. Indonesia USA (more)

Asian Development Bank


Energy efficiency finance consulting; built capacity in Indonesia to finance energy efficiency projects through loan guarantees and insurance wraps.

Hope Medical Services International


Business development for digital imaging medical services startup, Ghana, Africa (more)

Fine Dried Foods Int'l / Mazazul SA

2013- 2014

Project finance: strategic planning and expansion funding (loan obtained through InterAmerican Development Bank). Mexico & USA.

Iye Care International

2012- 2014

Partner in preventable eye disease NGO; also served on Board of Directors

MBT Infra Mozambique Lda

2012- 2013

Project finance: business planning, risk mitigation, credit enhancement, strategic advisory, and loan origination (sericulture/sustainable agriculture), Mozambique

Runa LLC / Runatarpuna S.A.

2011- 2012

Project finance: business planning and loan origination. Ecuador & USA.

Blume Distillation LLC

2010- 2013

Business plan review, strategic advise, presentation coaching in advance of successful capital campaign, both A and B rounds.

Farmhouse Culture

2009- 2012

Seed stage funding (minority stake investment).  Going concern.


2008- 2011

Strategic planning, business development & funding.  Biorenewables for industry, energy & health.

Chemical Fabrics & Film Association


Consulting, strategic advise and education on how to shift product strategy toward bioplastics/biopolymers for favorable rating by USGBC LEED.  Particularly important to ExxonMobil Chemical, makers of the plasticizers that provide for PVC (vinyl) flexibility. 

Whole Energy Fuels Corp


Capital campaign and strategic alliances.  Going concern.

WISE Solutions, Inc.

2006- present

Business desvelopment & capital campaigns. Raised early stage rounds of capital. In3's Daniel Robin currently serves as a director, and is an equity investor.  Going concern.

Sustainability Academy / MIIS

2005- 2012

Fisher MBA program courses and workshops on sustainability aspects of entrepreneurship, investing, innovation and performance management.  In3's Daniel Robin is MIIS adjunct professor of management and strategy.


2005 - 2009

Bioplastics / biorenewables investment and business development education and consulting.  In3's Daniel Robin delivered three plentary sessions (Atlanta, San Antonio and Chicago), 2 half-day seminars, and chaired "Commercializing Bioresins" conference in 2006.

Wisdom Business Network


Business development and education to "Profit with Meaning" (see pilot version of webinar series)

Pacific Biofuels


Funding via convertible debenture.  Restructured.

Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping

1999, 2004

Business planning and debt finance.  Going concern.

M3 Systems International


Funding and business development of M3ZrO Packaging systems. In3's Daniel Robin serves on the board of directors.

Kalliste Tours


Marketing consulting, planning, and coaching for luxury European eco-tours in Corsica.  Going concern.

Symantec Corporation


Consulting services and culture change.  Going concern.

Harris MyCFO


Business development, culture change, management training and coaching.  Acquired.

RollTronics Corporation


Funding and coaching; contributed to funds raised during Series A round. 

Mirage Systems


Consulting and business development for ground-penetrating radar used for subsurface detection and 3D imaging.  Going concern.



Technology transfer from coating technology patent holders in Germany to EarthShell first-generation bioplastics (biodegradable) packaging, then based in Santa Barbara.  IPO in 1998; acquired in 2006.

Threshold Enterprises, Source Naturals and others 


On-going services (see also Daniel Robin & Asssociates and for additional clients) ranging from long-term culture change, group facilitation, speaking, teaching, strategic advisory, leadership development and executive coaching. 

For additional clients, projects and success stories, see In3-affiliated websites In3 Finance, Renewable Energy Investor Forum, or Daniel Robin & Associates.


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